Our Team

Sally Jackson - Owner & Creative Director


The Faraway Gang was founded in 2017 by Sally Jackson after becoming a mother for the second time.  Sally, like all mums, sought to get the balance right between having a family and retaining her creativity and independence. She decided to make the bold move and resigned her job as Senior Knitwear designer for Joules and started machine knitting designs herself. With over 15 years experience as a knitwear designer for some of the UK’s most recognisable brands such as Boden, Great Plains and Joules, interest in her designs were strong but to complete her vision, she needed to find a manufacturer and scale the production of her range. Over a year of late nights, snatching hours during children's’ naps and after bedtime have resulted in her first independent range, which exhibits her quirky style and natural talent for colour and patterns. This is what makes The Faraway gang so unique and such a huge source of pride for Sally.

Chris Jackson - Commercial Director 

Chris has over 15 years of experience in sales and technology roles for FTSE-100 companies.  He has built eCommerce platforms for major high street and online retailers such as Dominos Pizza, Vodafone, Which and Thomas Cook.  Chris brings a strong commercial background to the Faraway Gang having previously negotiated multi-million pound technology contracts and ran company budgets in excess of £4m per year.

In a previous role at a major cloud provider, Chris ran the start-up programme. Where he built services and partnerships to enable small businesses to interact with funding organisations and provided them access to leading technology solutions in order to accelerate their digital presence and online revenue channels.

Chris operates in a part-time capacity in addition to his full time work for Pearson where he is a Director leading their Digital transformation of education services.  His work with the Faraway Gang is a welcome escape and an opportunity to invest his time and experience in something he has a real passion to see succeed.