Our Story

The Faraway Gang is a British made unisex knitwear brand for children aged 4-7 years old.  We are passionate about offering a unisex alternative to grey that is fun, playful and colourful which can be worn by girls and boys alike. Our style is a nod to British heritage with a contemporary use of colour and pattern with the true essence of the brand coming from playtime and imagination, friendship and fun.

Our vision at The Faraway Gang is to build a destination knitwear brand, we believe great clothes should evoke great memories and so placing the playful, curious and excited mind of a child at the heart of the range will create something unique and beautiful. Our brand speaks to the inner child within us all, conjuring memories of times spent building dens with muddy knees, exploring nature and playing make believe with our siblings and friends. The knitwear is beautifully made in the UK with 100% natural fibres that is fun but also practical and wearable.

The Faraway Gang is the brain child of Sally Jackson an ex-knitwear designer with over 15 years experience of working for some of the UK’s biggest British brands. With a wealth of experience under her belt she understands the importance of clothes having a real end use and by working hard with our factory to ensure these styles can be pulled out of the wardrobe or passed on time and time again.  Colour and pattern is part of our DNA at The Faraway Gang, it is our mission to offer choice for children to express themselves through colour without pigeonholing genders with separate collections. Our first season is launching for AW18, offering a range of crew neck jumpers in five different designs with two colourways of each design. Going forward we aim to increase the silhouette and yarn offerings whilst staying true to our principles of always being unisex and using 100% natural fibres.

Thank you so much for visiting and helping our business. We are so immensely proud of what we have built and sharing it with you is (behind marriage and children!) one of the highlights of our life!