The Benefits of Merino Wool


merino wool
Super Soft - the big misconception is that all wool is itchy but this just isn't true! The brilliant thing about merino wool is that due to the extrafine fibres of the merino sheep it makes the yarn super soft, making it perfect for childrenswear.
Strong & Hardwearing - The wool fibres of merino are naturally long making them super strong!  Its means that the fibres are hardwearing and compared to other fibres won't pill as much.  This makes merino great for everyday wear.
Warm & Breathable - The merino fibres have a natural crimp which helps to enable heat to be trapped in between the fibres. This means that it can be a light yet warm fabric at the same time, making it great for all year round wear.
Protective - Wool has a naturally occurring wax coating which covers the fibres called lanolin.  Lanolin helps to slightly repel water and also has antibacterial properties.  Wool has a natural smell due to the lanolin in it, this helps you know its real and 100% natural! So give the garment a good air and this will fade over time.
100% Natural - the wool is a natural product that comes from the merino sheep's fleece.
Renewable - as long as there is grass for sheep to graze on the sheep will produce a new fleece.
Biodegradable - at the end of wool's useful life it can be returned to the soil.  Wool breaks down much quicker than any synthetic and releases nutrients into the ground.
 So many great reasons to choose wool!